10-point buck jumps through window, rummages through home

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PICKERINGTON  — A 10-point buck tore up a Pickerington home after jumping through the front window.

Pickerington Police say they were in pure disbelief when they received a call about a 300-pound, 10-point buck jumping into the window of a home on Brookview Court.

“When we got there, I looked over at my sergeant and I said, ‘This might be legitimate,’” said Officer Thomas Spreen, of the Pickerington Police. “So we looked through a window, and there was a male buck rummaging through the house, running back and forth and trying various exits to exit the home.”

Thirty minutes later, police were able to get the buck out of the home using the back door.

“Once we were able to open up the storm door and give it a clear path, it just ran off back into the wilderness,” said Spreen.

Wildlife experts with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources says this is not uncommon. It’s also currently mating season for deer. ODNR says this deer could have been looking for his mate and was startled when seeing his reflection in the window.

No one was home during the time of the accident.