Dillon County Sheriff’s Office offers ‘Emergency Flashing Light’ bulbs to seniors

DILLON, S.C. (WBTW) – The Dillon County Sheriff’s Office plans to give out more than 700 ‘Emergency Flashing Lights’ to senior citizens 65 and older.
The bulb can replace a porch light. It works as a normal bulb until flicked on and off twice, then it flashes.

When flashing, it lets sheriff’s deputies and first responders know someone is in need of help.

Dillon County Sheriff’s Deputies call it a “beacon of light” that will help emergency crews more quickly locate homes.

Brenda Campbell, Dillon County Sheriff Community Action Task Force Deputy explained, “Seconds count when you need help… every second counts. This light will definitely be a tremendous help.”

“First responders will start to look for it.  Maybe this will be the one thing that gets them there quicker,” Campbell adds.

The Sheriff’s Office already gave out 100 bulbs. Bulb will be given giveaway Friday from 9 until 5 at the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office.
All you need to get a free emergency light is proof of residency and age.