SC children remember historic flooding through coloring

COWARD, SC (WBTW) Every morning on News13 This Morning we feature pictures drawn by elementary school students around our area.  Usually those feature a beautiful sunny day with perfect weather outside.  color-the-weather2

As the weather turns rough, those pictures change and we get a unique look at how some of our younger viewers deal with natural disasters.

“I was sitting there thinking oh my God I going to drown,” Landon Barker the then second grader at J.C. Lynch Elementary said about the historic 2015 South Carolina flooding.

The words of Landon brought to life in his drawing. Colors on a page animating those sights he’d seen.

“Wanna know what
those are,” Landon says as he points out sections of the picture he created one year ago. “That’s hard rain like hail like ice going down.”

color-the-weather3As a young second grader, Kaleb Rentz also watched the flood waters rise.

“When the rain came the creek came rised up and keep rising up,” Rentz said.

His picture depicts a similar scene.

“There was rain, lightening and everybody was out their house and they were saying, help help help me,” Rentz says as he explains his drawing.

Forced to evacuate, Kaleb’s family left their home.kaleb

“Military trucks had to come get us,'” Rentz said.

Driving away his innocent and caring mind turned back towards another member of the family.

“We had to leave our pet lizard at our house,” Rentz said. “I kept crying saying no we have to go back and get him but we couldn’t because we were stuck there.”

Don’t worry Gizmo the lizard ended up making it out okay. That wasn’t quite the scene for everything when they were finally able to return.

“We went near the creek to get our toys because our toys came out of the shed,” Rentz said. “My brother was like where did all our toys go Bubba.”

Today these two artists draw a much different scene, one where those flood waters are gone, the grass is green and the sunshine lights up a picture.

The memories of their flooded neighborhood still live on.landon

“We had a river that was covering our road,” Rentz said.

But thankfully it’s just through crayons on paper.

“As soon as i saw it I ran out there with my fishing pole and started fishin’ and bass were everywhere,” Barker said.