FEMA reps offer advice if you are denied assistance

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – FEMA disaster survivor assistance teams were working all over South Carolina on Monday. They were going door to door asking if people needed help registering.

FEMA Media Specialist, Renee Bafalis, said people in our area are starting to get their determination letters.

“Some are eligible for assistance, others have been denied,” said Bafalis. “We want people to know they need to read those letters thoroughly. Denial does not mean it’s the end of the road. It’s really just the beginning of the process.”

Bafalis said if you are denied, FEMA encourages you to appeal but you must do so within 60 days. “You can look into your letter find out the exact reason,” she added.

Bafalis said there’s many reasons why you could get denied assistance.

“Many times when someone gets denied assistance it’s because you haven’t given us proof of ownership of your property,” she added. “We need to have that to make sure you’re either a renter or a homeowner in that particular residence.”

She said often times FEMA has to wait for your insurance company to say how much it will cover.

Over $2 million have been dispersed in Horry County alone and over 4,000 people in the county have registered with FEMA.

“So far things seem to be moving forward,” said Bafalis. “Folks are starting to get back into their homes where they were flooded and sometimes that takes precedence over getting registered.”

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