Dogs at Bennettsville Animal Shelter prepped for rescue

Big chances are taking place in Bennettsville, months after an online post exposed poor conditions at the city's animal shelter.

BENNETTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – It was an online post that alerted others to the issues inside the Bennettsville Animal Shelter. Tuesday night volunteers with the Marlboro County Humane Society, a veterinarian, and even the mayor were on hand to start the animals on the road toward a forever home.

“When things hit social media, we talked and we agreed then they asked if we would help and that’s what we’re here for,” said Jennifer Hyduke, President of the Marlboro County Humane Society.

It was no small task, but Tuesday evening volunteers showed up to the shelter to make sure the 17 dogs housed inside would be prepared for rescue.

“We’ve had people wanting these animals since all this started,” said Hyduke.

Hyduke and her team said the shelter has been a problem in the past, and now it’s time for things to change.

“We feel certain that we can move this group of dogs,” Hyduke explained. “We made it very clear with the animal control officer and I’ve spoken to the mayor numerous times, they can’t bring any other animals into this shelter unless they’re vaccinated and quarantined away from the one’s we’re vetting tonight.”

Dr. Terry Eades of Marlboro Veterinary Services examined all 17 dogs, gave rabies vaccinations, and checked for heartworms and other diseases. While that was happening, county Animal Control assisted city Animal Control with cleaning out and bleaching the kennels inside the shelter

“We’re working with the county animal control guy and we’re gonna use his protocols going forward,” said Bennettsville Mayor Heath Harpe. “There should be a standard arrangement on each dog going forward.”

“As long as they’re willing to accept our help we’re willing to guide them,” offered Hyduke.

The county Humane Society said they are all in when it comes to making sure the shelter doesn’t fall into a similar situation again.

“The most important thing we accomplished tonight was getting the vaccines and the pictures, getting the information on each dog,” said Kenny Hinson, Vice President of the Marlboro County Humane Society. “Because without that information, rescue organizations aren’t just gonna show up and take these dogs.”

The crew had to guess on the ages of most of the animals when filling out that paperwork, but as one volunteer said, “Today is these dogs’ new birthday.”

15 dogs will soon be available for rescue. Unfortunately, two of the dogs were sick. One is undergoing treatment with Dr. Eades and the other had to be put down.

Mayor Harpe said the city plans to renovate the current shelter once all the dogs are gone.

The Marlboro County Humane Society is also currently in need of food and other supplies for the animals. To find more information on donating, click here.