Georgetown gets a FEMA disaster recovery center

Georgetown FEMA center

GEORGETOWN, SC (WBTW) – A FEMA disaster center is now open in Georgetown County. The center is a one stop shop for victims of Hurricane Matthew.

Tuesday officials cleared up some confusion about FEMA assistance.

Many people are referred to the Small Business Administration after registering for FEMA automatically, even if they don’t want a loan. But FEMA officials say that’s all part of the process.

When that happens you must go through the process or you won’t receive assistance.

Renee Bafalis is a FEMA representative and said, “that is just a process you must go through. You may not think you want a loan through SBA but it’s very possible that if you go through the process you may not be eligible for the loan.”

If you aren’t eligible for SBA then you get bounced back to FEMA to see if you qualify for grant assistance. But if you don’t go through SBA that stops the whole process.

FEMA is also encouraging renters to stop by. Home and business owners are not the only people who can get help.

“Renters also have the same eligibility as a home owner, Bafalis said. “But it’s not for their domicile it’s actually for their personal property damages that they may have.”

And you don’t have to do anything differently to apply.

“Same process… same process, anyone that may be out of their home because of the storm has the same rights, homeowner or renter.

SBA also offers loans to both home and renters at lower than average interest rates.

So far 1,052 people have registered for FEMA assistance in Georgetown County.