Voters in Florence feel uneasy days before presidential election

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Less than one week before the presidential election national polls show the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump remains in a dead heat.

The “Real Clear Politics” average of major political polls show Hilary Clinton leading Donald Trump by just two percentage points in a four-way race 45 to 43.

But one thing both presidential candidates share are high unfavorable ratings according to polls.

“I think the committed Clinton and Trump supporters they’re going out there no matter what. It’s the people who are on the fence that it could have a detouring effect from going out,” mentioned Francis Marion University Political Science Professor David White.

Eighteen year-old Kiyana Fleming is a first time voter. Fleming says she is both sad and defeated at this year’s presidential election.

“I don’t like it and I don’t appreciate this being my first choice as a voter,” said Fleming.

Fleming is a student at Francis Marion University. She feels strongly about her right to vote but doesn’t know yet which candidate she will vote for.

“Choosing those two and not voting, I would rather not vote but if I have another option I would like that,” said Matt.

“This year there is a lot of distrust with both candidates,” said 57 year-old Florence voter Angela Legette.

Legette says distrust, bitterness and negativity keeps both candidates from sticking to the issues that matter.

“But I feel that way on both sides. I have respect for both candidates but then again I doubt both candidates. I have a small granddaughter and my concern is what type of world she will grow up in,” said Legette.

Political Science Professor David White says even though the back-lashing between candidates have many voters concerned it won’t keep true supporters from casting their ballots.