Conway City leaders meet to discuss Heroin epidemic

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Conway city leaders met Thursday to discuss the heroin epidemic plaguing Horry County.

The Conway Chamber of Commerce and Conway City Council put on the event in the Wheelwright Auditorium at Coastal Carolina University.

About 100 people were at that meeting. Law enforcement, recovering addicts, and family members who have had personal battles with Heroin addiction spoke during the program about the struggle of addiction and how the drug is impacting the community.

Noreen Beck lost her son to heroin, and she went before Conway City Council asking for meetings like this one because she says nothing will be done until we talk about options for treatment.

“It’s important to get this out because there’s such a shame and stigma with addiction that I know that there is a mother or another family struggling with this shame. Don’t be ashamed, you know, it’s out there. There’s help, there’s resources. Wea’re trying to save lives here,” said Beck.

Breaking down that stigma and working to talk about solutions to the epidemic is why the Conway Chamber of Commerce says they’ve been working with council to bring meetings like this one to the community.