‘Faith Leaders for Hillary Clinton’ luncheon encourage SC Democratic voter turnout

FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) – The Democratic Party held the ‘Faith Leaders for Hillary Clinton’ luncheon in Florence at the New Ebenezer Baptist church Thursday afternoon.
Clergy leaders from different denominations joined the state and local Democratic Party leaders to stress the importance of voting, not only for the Presidential election but also for local elections next Tuesday.

Terry Alexander, Florence and Darlington Democratic House of Representative said, “We’ve been engaging the church leadership across the state. Asking them to be more supportive. To get their members out and get them out early and encourage them to participate in the process.”

“We want to engage people and tell them that your vote counts. Your vote matters. What better way to do that then from the pulpit,” Alexander adds.

10,500 people have voted in Florence County already.

The Democratic Party will have a command center at City Grill on Election Day with volunteers on standby it pick up people that do not have transportation to the polls.

For information about transportation to the polls contact: 843-617-1000.