Woman claims male enhancement drug was found in Halloween candy

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The Brookstone neighborhood is known for being safe.

So it shocked this grandmother when she says she found medicine in her grandson’s Halloween candy.

“That’s my grand baby but it could’ve been my friend’s children and all the kids that were with us somebody I don’t know my heart if I would not have reported it and then seen later on the news where a kid was at the hospital and ate some candy and they derived it came from the basket… That would’ve crushed me.”

Michelle Coker says she noticed something strange about a piece of candy in her grandson’s candy after trick or treating.

She searched Google with the letters on the package and what popped up was several sources for male enhancement drugs.

Tonight, she says she’s on an emotional roller coaster.

“Just angry ya know. We used to go trick or treating and it’s fun for kids and these day it just makes parents just wanna go take your kids trick or treating and have candy in the background and fill up their bucket when they get home and throw everything away,” says Coker.

Coker posted the picture of what she found on social media in hopes of warning other parents.

She also filed a report with Columbus Police.

Coker says she only found one package of medicine, but she worries there could be more out there.