Body found on Kohlhepp’s property on Superbike anniversary

Source: WSPA - Compound search

SPARTANBURG COUNTY (WSPA) – Investigators are continuing their search on Todd Kohlhepp’s property Sunday.

Deputies took Kohlhepp to his property on Saturday and learned that he may have killed two more people.

Kohlhepp told deputies where two more graves were located on the property.

Our crew on the scene saw a backhoe on the property Sunday, and it appears that investigators were excavating the grounds.

One body has been recovered from the location Kohlhepp pointed out to deputies on Saturday, according to Sheriff Chuck Wright.

Sunday marks the fourth day of the investigation on Kohlhepp’s property, after kidnapping victim Kala Brown was found chained inside a storage container on Thursday.

The body of her boyfriend, Charles Carver, was found in a shallow grave on Kohlhepp’s property one day later.

Sunday also marks the 13th anniversary of the Superbike Murders–the unsolved crime that took the lives of four people in 2003.

Kohlhepp confessed on Saturday to committing the four murders.

Sheriff Wright says it’s very possible that missing person cases could be reopened because of this investigation.


Todd Kohlhepp (left), Sketch of Superbike murder suspect (right)
Todd Kohlhepp (left), Sketch of Superbike murder suspect (right)