Marion County Veteran Affairs hosts the 29th annual Veterans Day celebration

MARION, S.C. (WBTW) – Soldiers from each branch of the military came together to celebrate the sacrifices made during their time in the Armed Forces.

Robert Lee Johnson is a Vietnam Veteran from Marion. He says he is honored to celebrate because during his time abroad he constantly feared for his life.
Johnson said, “It was more fear I would get killed. I had cousins that were wiped out…young.”
“That created fear not with me but with my family,” Johnson adds.

Now each year Johnson and his family look forward to him in the parade. More so, this year because it is the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

Johnson explained, “It just illuminates and makes up for the bad times.”

The ceremony following the parade honored Vietnam Veterans and veterans from wars as far back as World War II.

James Pinkney Huskey was the lone World War II Veteran.
Huskey said, “I feel very humbled. It was my privilege and my pleasure to serve our country.”

Other War Veterans say Marion County Veterans stick together and help each other.

Lee David Ford, Desert Storm Veteran Said, “Whether they are Marine, Navy, Air Force, we have a brotherhood. Nobody knows about being a solider and being on the front lines but you.”
“Once a soldier always a soldier,” Ford adds.