2 unidentified bodies found on Woodruff property, coroner says

WOODRUFF, SC – A second unidentified body has been found on the property of Todd Kohlhepp in Woodruff, according to the Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office.

The first unidentified body was found on the property Sunday.

Both unidentified victims were taken away from the property by the coroner, Monday.

Three total bodies have been removed from the almost 100 acre property, including that of Charles Carver.


Spartanburg deputies were at a property off Wofford Rd. in Woodruff beginning Thursday afternoon serving a search warrant.

That property is owned by Kohlhepp, according to records. The sheriff said deputies heard a woman banging on the metal container.

They found Kala Brown inside with a chain around her neck. She has been taken for treatment.

Her boyfriend, Charles Carver’s body was found on the property on Friday.

They couple had been missing since August 31.


Authorities say Kohlhepp confessed to a quadruple slaying at a motorcycle shop in 2003 after he was granted a request to meet with his mother.

Sunday marked the 13th anniversary of the Superbike murders. Scott Ponder, Beverly Guy, Chris Sherbert and Brian Lucas, were killed at Superbike Motorsports on Nov. 6, 2003.

Scott Ponder, Beverly Guy, Brian Lucas, and Chris Sherbert were shot and killed inside the Superbike Motorsports shop in Chesnee on Parris Bridge Road.

Years went by and sketches were released, leads were followed, but the case remained cold.

Scott Ponder’s widow, Melissa, says deputies told her that Kohlhepp was a customer of the shop.

Chris Sherbert’s brother remains in disbelief, telling 7 News that he stopped by his brother’s grave Saturday night, to tell him there was closure.

Kohlhepp is without an attorney and speaking freely with investigators, according to Sheriff Wright.