Number of voters casting absentee ballots increases on the Grand Strand

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – There is no early voting in South Carolina, but if you’re not going to be able to make it to the polls on election day, you still have time to cast an absentee ballot.

The Horry County Registrations and Elections Office in Conway will be open for in person absentee voting until 5pm Monday night.

County election supervisors say they’ve seen long lines each day at their office, so they encourage people get there early.

“It’s kind of difficult as far as the parking, but we try to make sure everyone gets in the building and we get them in and out in a timely manner, but its a large volume and we’re trying to process it the best we can,” said Dena Huggins, election supervisor.

If you have a mail-in ballot, you still have time to make sure your vote is counted.  The best way is to deliver it in person because chances are first class mail won’t arrive in time to be counted.

“There’s probably a guarantee that we won’t get it by Tuesday.  Unless they next day it or something like that, but we have to have it back by Tuesday at 7pm,” said Huggins.

Huggins said more than 20,000 voters have already cast an absentee vote either by mail or in person in Horry County which surpasses the total number of absentee ballots cast in 2008 or 2012.

The Horry County Registrations and Elections Office is located at 1515 4th Avenue in Conway.

Persons qualified to vote by absentee ballot:

Persons who will be on vacation outside their county of residence on Election Day
Members of the Uniformed Services or Merchant Marine, and their spouses and dependents residing with them
Persons who, for reasons of employment, will not be able to vote on Election Day
Physically disabled persons
Persons sixty-five (65) years of age or older
Persons serving as a juror in state or federal court on Election Day
Persons admitted to the hospital as emergency patients on day of election or within a four-day period before the election
Persons with a death or funeral in the family within three days before the election
Persons confined to a jail or pre-trial facility pending disposition of arrest or trial
Persons attending to sick or physically disabled persons
Certified poll watchers, poll managers, and county election officials working on Election Day