What to expect in Horry County on Election Day

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – If you’re voting Tuesday in Horry County, election directors say be prepared to wait in line.
They’ve already had about 11,500 people vote early, and they believe the national attention from the presidential election and the local attention on the Ride III project will bring out more voters than ever before.
Monday, voters wrapped around the Horry County Elections building to cast their ballot early.

Valerie Graham was one of those early voters, and she says everyone should exercise their right to vote regardless of whether or not they like the Presidential candidates.

“Our local issues alone are worth making that vote,” said Graham.

Many say they’re coming out for the local issues like Ride III, a road improvements and construction project that would impact roads all over Horry County.

Voters Registration and Elections Director Sandy Martin says expect to see a long question about Ride III on the ballot because they have to go in detail about all of the roads the project would impact.

“We’re going to have some hand-outs at the polling places for the workers to let people read it ahead of time in case they haven’t seen it. You know, it’s a simple yes or no answer,” said Martin.

Martin says there won’t be any new voter machines added this year, but they have brought on additional staff because they’re expecting a large turnout on Tuesday.

“Be prepared for the lines. You know, be sure when you go to vote you bring your photo ID, be sure you don’t wear anything political to the polling places because you’re not allowed to wear hats and t-shirts and those kinds of things inside the polling places so be aware of that. Again, just be patient,” said Martin.

If you’re planning to vote in South Carolina and would like to take a look at your ballot or see where you need to vote, you can find that information on https://www.scvotes.org/.