Beach advisory committee discusses ways to improve beach safety

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach’s Beach Advisory Committee met Wednesday to discuss ways to keep people on the city’s beaches safe, especially children.

Lt. Joey Crosby with Myrtle Beach Police says the department is considering a colored wristband program that would help reunited lost kids to their parents more quickly.

“One of the programs that we’ve identified a need for is a lost child program. We have children that get separated from their parents while they are on the beach and so if we can identify where that child is located as far as what motel they’re in, that will increase our time to reunite the family together so we’ve developed a plan a proposal to present to the committee in hope that they will adopt to help us resolve that issue,” Lt. Joey Crosby said.

The colored wristband was one of many safety ideas proposed. The committee also discussed rearranging police and life guard schedules for more beach coverage, painting lifeguard stands a brighter color, and communicating dangers to swimmers through social media.

The committee meets again in December to decide which of the programs to implement.