Slager trial enters day 5


CHARLESTON, SC – Wednesday is day five in testimony for the trial of Michael Slager.

SLED Special Agent Jamie Johnson took the stand first. She testified to how SLED collected evidence at the scene.  That evidence included touch DNA off the Taser, Slager’s uniform, pictures from the scene and pictures of Slager’s injuries.

In cross examination, Agent Johnson told the court several pieces of evidence were not tested and some evidence was missed. The missed evidence was found weeks later by the defense’s personal investigators.  SLED collected that evidence two weeks after the shooting.

Both the prosecution and defense raised questions about how the Taser was swabbed for DNA.  Agent Johnson, who has degrees in forensic science, said she swabbed the Taser twice.  The defense asserts there wasn’t segregated testing of DNA on parts of the Taser to see who’s DNA was found where.

Instead, SLED can only confirm both Michael Slager and Walter Scott left DNA on the Taser.