R.N. Beck Learning Center set to be demolished to make way for new facility

FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) – Florence School District One (FSC1) will begin demolition of the R.N. Beck Early Childhood Learning Center Thursday morning.

Demolition of the Learning Center means the district is one step closer to a new state of the art Early Childhood Education Center.

School officials say they hope to replace the old building with a new 16 classroom facility built by 2018.

The new building will hold up to 400 students.


The goal of the new building is to serve and create more successful students.

Dr. Randy Bridges, FSD1 Superintendent said, “We know it’s the right thing to do, long term. If we get these kids prepared for school as they move up the chain. Move up the levels of school. The more successful they will be.”

Dr. Bridges says the new school was funded by school budgeting, donations, and grants.


FSD1 started brainstorming ways to enhance early learning about 3 years ago. Now that plans are finally coming together school officials say it is exciting.


Right now 100 students and their teachers that were at the Learning Center have doubled up at the Childhood Development Center at Woods Road. School administrators say they are looking forward to the new center.


Dr. Floyd Creech, FSD1 School Readiness Director said, “Everyone tells you that when you get a new facility like this the children are more energized and the teachers are more energized because they have a new place to be and it  quickly starts to feel like home.”

Dr. Creech says the new center will allow FSD1 to serve more preschoolers in the district.


The new facility will include:

  • 16 classrooms- serving up to 400 students
  • Bathrooms in the classrooms
  • Larger classrooms for preschoolers
  • Modified cafeterias for small children
  • Space for community events