13-year-old arrested for threat made against Forestbrook Middle School on Instagram

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Horry County Police arrested a teenager for making threatening posts against an Horry County school over social media.

According to Lt. Raul Denis, a 13-year-old boy made threats to Forestbrook Middle School Monday and has been charged with disturbing schools

Denis said the threat is believed to have been a hoax that got out of hand.

According to an incident report, Horry County police were told an unknown person posted on social media Sunday night  “How do you sneak a gun into school?”. Another report says the post also talked about shooting a particular student.

Officers say the responses escalated to the point that parents kept their children at home in fear. The police report says the incident became a “big disturbance for the school” on Monday  as parents were calling all though the day and removing their children from school after hearing about the threats made.

The police report says officers spent several hours investigating the incident and a detective secured a search warrant for the Instagram account. At 2:30 Monday, officers received the results of the search warrant and were lead to the suspect’s address.

The child’s mother spoke with police and assured officers there were no weapons in the home and her son had no access to a weapon.

Police say the arrestee was “counseled to the seriousness of his actions” and he was released to his mother with a juvenile summons for disturbing schools.