Get a look at new technology being developed: GIS Day recognized in Myrtle Beach for first time

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The city of Myrtle Beach is joining in on the annual worldwide technology event GIS Day for the first time this year.

GIS Day is aimed at educating citizens on some of the latest technological tools local governments and businesses rely on.

GIS stands for geographic information systems, think of it as richly detailed maps that can be thoroughly analyzed.

It’s something the city of Myrtle Beach uses as part of its response to things like weather events.

For the first time this year, the emergency operations center was offered a GIS damage reporting app for natural disasters.

It was put into service the first day of Hurricane Matthew.  The new app lets emergency responders mark damage and make assessments following a storm; and it’s just one of the uses the city has for GIS technology.

“When you think about what our public works uses it for, things like finding sewer lines and water lines, looking at manholes, water meters; we have all kinds of different assets we want to explore,” said Myrtle Beach’s GIS Coordinator, Lisa Holzberger.

The maps utilized have to be accurate so the city constantly works on updates including the use of aerial imagery.

“We do fly that every year, so it’s up to date imagery, its more up to date than Google if you can believe that, so that’s something that we’re very proud of,” said Holzberger.

GIS Day will give you a chance to see the technology already being used as well as some new apps being developed, including a sports tourism app currently in the works.

The city is teaming up with Coastal Carolina University, Horry Georgetown tech and Horry County Schools for GIS day.

Surveyors, engineers, students and GIS professionals will be on hand showcasing the technology.

Events will be held Wednesday at the Base Recreation Center in Myrtle Beach.

It runs from 10am – 3pm at 800 Gabreski Lane, the public is welcome, refreshments will be served.