Horry County leaders shut down plan to keep up dirt roads in the county

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Horry County Council leaders shut down an ordinance that would require county leaders to fix dirt roads they deem unsafe.

Back in August, council member Paul Prince said several roads needed repairs for safety reasons.

He said if someone needed an ambulance, crews need to be able to get there safely.

Tuesday, council member Gary Loftus argued that would require the county to basically maintain private driveways in Horry County.

“Philosophically, I’m just opposed to spending public money on private property, and I understand an ambulance can’t get through and police can’t get through, and I understand that but where do you draw the line,” said Loftus.

Council voted against the ordinance ten to one.

Paul Prince was the only council member to vote in favor of the plan.