Mullins City Council District 5 seat heads for runoff election

MULLINS, SC (WBTW) – Voters will return to the polls Tuesday to decide the Mullins City Council District 5 seat.

County elections officials ordered a runoff Tuesday night after discovering no candidate got a majority vote in the general election.

The results show Sherry Hayes got 147 votes and 146 votes went to write-in candidate Malcolm Kitchen.

Marion County’s Elections Director Teresa Moody says she was contacted by the South Carolina State Election Commission to order the runoff since a candidate must receive 50% of the votes plus one to win – which means the winner needed 149 votes.

“Unfortunately district five we did not order a run off on November 11 so when it was brought to my attention that we had to have a run off…because no candidate received a majority of the vote we ordered that election last night at our monthly meeting,” mentioned Moody.

The runoff between Sherry Hayes and Malcolm Kitchen will happen Tuesday, November 22.