McLeod Health celebrating 110 years: 1st look at new Multi- Purpose operating room

FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) -The McLeod Medical Health has been serving our area for more than a century. This year they celebrate 110 years since 1906, McLeod Hospital has committed to improving health of the 7 communities it serves.

Last summer, Charles Nelson a long time teacher and coach at West Florence High School woke up to chest pain. His wife took him to McLeod hospital. When he got to the hospital doctors took him into emergency surgery, he was experiencing an aorta split. The artery that comes from his heart was splitting, cutting off blood flow to his brain and legs. 6 hours of surgery and 4 splints later nelson was put into intensive care.

He says he doctors saved his life but during his time after the surgery he met some of the greatest nurses in the world.

Nelson said, “That group in intensive care. Is what I would call an all-in team. The whole group worked together.”

“I received the best care in the world,” Nelson adds.

Nelson says after his surgery he felt the community of Florence come together- McLeod staff, former students and churches rallied behind him.

This year the Florence campus is adding a new multi-purpose operating room. McLeod Cardiac Program has 3 stars– the highest star rating.

The new hybrid operating room allows cardiac surgeons flexibility to perform minimal- invasive surgeries or complex procedures in the same location.

The new operating room took 2 years and 4 million dollars to prepare.

The suite has the newest equipment in the state with the most up to date software.

Dr. Alan Blaker, the Executive Medical Director of the McLeod Heart and Vascular Institute said this operating room provides a safe environment to perform cardiac surgeries without moving patients to a different room.

BLAKER said, “This allows you in minutes to be able to move. Whereas, if you had to use another room that could take 30 minutes or longer. A patient may not survive having to move to a different room, if they require emergency surgery.”

Dr. Blaker says his team is anxious to take the next step in providing patients with the best care.

Doctors will begin using the new hybrid operating room at the beginning of December.

McLeod will celebrate 110 years with an unveiling of a historical marker dedication ceremony at the Florence County Museum at 5:30. The museum marks the location of the original McLeod infirmary.

Following the ceremony, a choral symphony will be held at Francis Marion performing arts center at 7:30. Both events are free and open the public.