Red Cross offers financial help to flood victims in need after Hurricane Matthew

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)- It’s been more than a month since Hurricane Matthew and The American Red Cross now enters long-term recovery mode.

The goal is to help people who are just getting back into their homes meet their immediate needs and get on their feet.

“This is very important. It gets you some basic quick money to get you reestablish with some personal items, clothing item need, transportation cost. Everything is important to anybody right now who is in a situation with the flooding,” Disaster Volunteer Dennis James said.

The Red Cross will provide $125 per person in a household to people for don’t qualify for FEMA and have homes with major damage or have been destroyed. You can register for assistance by calling 1-800-768-8048 to begin the application process with an assigned case worker.

“We have a Disaster Action Team that goes out and reviews the property and does a disaster assessment of the actual property. Therefore, taking care of the donor’s dollar, we want to make sure we use it wisely and most efficiently,” James said.

In addition, The Salvation Army is working with families impacted by the flood to provide them with food, cleaning supplies and vouchers. Flood victims can also apply to be part of the Angel Tree Christmas Assistance.