People gather in Robeson County for ‘Prayer Walk’ in opposition on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

PEMBROKE, N.C. (WBTW) – People in three different North Carolina counties held a ‘Prayer Walk’ to spread awareness of impacts the Atlantic Coast Pipeline may create in the state.

One of those counties was Robeson County. More than 100 people gathered to show opposition of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

People from across the state traveled to Pembroke with one goal, to stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline from coming to North Carolina.

16 students from Appalachian State University (ASU) traveled four hours for the Prayer Walk. Carmen Spurill is a senior at ASU, she says small communities like Pembroke will be impacted the most if the pipeline ends in the state.

“Although it’s great to be centered in big urban centers, I like to see smaller communities rise up as well because I myself am from a small community,” Spruill adds.

Organizers say the Prayer Walk is important to inform the community of the environmental problems the pipeline could create.

Alisha Locklear Monroe, a Member of Eco- Robeson and an Organizer of the Prayer Walk explained, “It is potentially hazardous to us. It’s not something that will move us forward and is renewable energy.”

Locklear Monroe says after she became a mother 2 years ago, she feels a stronger sense of responsibility for future generations. Especially since the route the pipeline may take, directly impacts her native land.

“It’s really important because this land was passed down from generation to generation. These are our ancestral lands. This is where we’ve lived for centuries,” she explained.
The Eco- Robeson organization plans to hold more rallies, walks and forums to inform people in North Carolina about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the problems it may create if it ends in the state.

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