Florence police officer fired for misuse of taser to fight termination

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – A Florence city police officer stood on the opposite side of the courtroom Tuesday afternoon to fight his termination.

Adam Raynor served eleven years with the City of Florence Police Department.

City officials say Raynor misused a taser on October 2 and then lied about it in the incident report.

Raynor says he was dispatched to Walmart on Irby Street in Florence when a man with an outstanding arrest warrant attempted to charge at him.

During the hearing Raynor argued to city officials he did not misuse his stun gun. He also mentioned he could not remember filing false information in the incident report because he suffers PTSD.

But city officials say the events Raynor detailed in his police report didn’t add up.

“Adam said he was in fear that this guy was going to attack him but this guy was already past him when he was tased in the back,” mentioned City of Florence Police Chief Allan Heidler.

Raynor argues the suspect had a weapon but according to city officials a small knife wasn’t discovered on the suspect until after a different officer arrested the man.

In his defense, Raynor says he often experiences memory loss because of his diagnosis of PTSD in the Armed Services.

“It made that incident that much harder to recall,” Raynor said.

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled earlier this year police should not use stun guns on people who try to evade custody or pose no safety risk to the officers or others.

Chief Alan Heidler says Raynor has eight employee action reports against him.

Heidler read one of the reports from 2014 when the former officer left a mother and child in the car after the mother refused to sign a release.

“He would not own up to the fact that he had some responsibility to that child, not just the mother but to that child to stay there and assure that child was extracted from that vehicle safely,” mentioned Heidler.

Raynor says he isn’t looking to get his job back but to resign from it. He says he would like to consider working for a different police department.

City Manager Drew Griffin will review the case and a decision will be made in the next 20 days.