More than 20 churches serve Lumberton Hurricane Matthew victims Thanksgiving meals

LUMBERTON, N.C. (WBTW) – More than 20 churches organized a Thanksgiving dinner for Hurricane Matthew victims in Lumberton.

People who lost their homes and cars after Hurricane Matthew are now living in 5 different motels without access to a stove or refrigerator.

Local churches came together in hopes of making this holiday special.

Food and sides were donated by people from the community.

Church vans picked up meals and took them to other motels in the area.

Over 100 tables and chairs were put out in the parking lot of the motel 6.

Pastor Joe Priest, Pastor of the United Plain Truth Holiness Church said, “When a situation comes in our life like this. We have to pull together and come out here and help these people through this tragedy.”

Juanita Oxendine, volunteer server from Helping Hands Ministry said, “I love to help people, especially in their time of need. The shoe could have been on the other foot. It could have been me needing their help.”

Several church leaders told News13 they plan to develop a schedule to make sure the families will have warm meals each day until they check out in January.