Darlington County Sheriff’s office searching for armed robbery suspect

Darlington County Sheriff Office suspects man in brown jacket committed armed robbery
DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – The Darlington County Sheriff’s Office is searching for an armed robbery suspect.
Sheriff Wayne Byrd said the Dollar General at Timmonsville & Hoffmeyer Rd in Darlington was robbed Saturday night.
Byrd said the suspect was wearing a brown jacket when he brandished a weapon and took money out of the register.
A witness told authorities the suspect left in a dark square Mitsubishi sedan towards Timmonsville.
The incident happened around 9pm.

People that shop at the Dollar General say the robbery is concerning for the cashiers safety.

Frank Peterson, Florence resident said, “It is a sad situation for people that work at dollar general. Those people are just trying to do their job and someone came in to rob them.”

Employees at the Dollar General say the woman that was at the register is shaken up but will return to work this week.