Man who reported truck stop kidnapping invented story, just wanted a ride home, police say

DUNN, NC— The man who reported his girlfriend had taken a rental car with his daughter in it from a Dunn truck stop is now charged with filing a false police report.

Devontae David Caldwell’s girlfriend did leave him stranded at a Dunn truck stop, Dunn police said Tuesday. But she left with her child, not his as he told police, and the names he gave police for the two — Mazda Dixon and Jada Caldwell — were entirely made up, according to police.

Caldwell set law enforcement agencies from Dunn to Maryland searching for the fictitious duo Saturday, when he said he was abandoned during a trip from South Carolina to Baltimore, according to police.

He stopped communicating with police after 1:30 a.m. Sunday, after he returned to Baltimore, police said. Baltimore police were able to track down his girlfriend of a couple of weeks and her daughter, and they don’t have the names that Caldwell gave, police said. The girl also isn’t Caldwell’s daughter, police said.

Dunn police said Caldwell made the report because he wanted a ride home to Baltimore.