Midway Fire Rescue looks to add equipment after ‘particularly rough summer’

PAWLEY’S ISLAND, SC (WBTW) – Midway Fire Rescue is asking for funds from the Accommodation Tax to get more water rescue equipment.

Midway Fire Rescue Chief Doug Eggiman said they had more water rescue calls this year than in any recent years.

“This past summer was a particularly rough summer as far as the ocean and water rescue calls and surf conditions,” added Eggiman.

He is looking to get thousands of dollars worth of equipment including a new 12-foot rescue board, rope reels, flotation rescue cans and personal flotation devices. This will allow each station to have the necessary equipment to respond quickly to distressed swimmer calls.

“This equipment will enhance our ability to do that,” said Eggiman. “Certainly by providing us more tools to work with as opposed to the limited tools now.”

In July, Midway Fire Rescue searched for missing 16-year-old swimmer Courtney Dorsey.

Dorsey got into the water to save his 15-year-old brother but hasn’t been seen since.

Eggiman said he hopes having more equipment at all their stations will get crews in the water faster.

“And that’s not just the surf rescue we do in the ocean but also some of the river rescue and the flood related stuff we’ve been dealing with lately as well,” he added.

The department does training and re-certifications every year and Eggiman hopes they will enhance their training this coming year with the new equipment.

“It allows us to get out there and try to make a difference,” he added.