Pirates Voyage goes Christmas

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) The challenge of changing and adapting a show for the Christmas season is the challenge Pirates Voyage faces each year.

“It’s very shocking to me, not many people know this but pirates love Christmas,” 1st mate Bob Cratchit said. “Did you know that? Well now you do. We love Christmas just as much as anyone.”

christmas-pirates4Cratchit is one of the main characters in the story that is similar to “The Christmas Carol” except with a definite pirate twist.

“It’s very rare that our lives are touched by pirates. Usually when we see pirates we think of argh,” Cratchit said.

The challenge of changing the usual splash of this popular Myrtle Beach attraction takes a lot of work.

“It’s a chance to make memories and we make them every single day,” Cratchit said.

Those memories include the typical pirate items exchanged with the festive flare of candy canes and Christmas crooning.

Maybe it’s decking the sails instead of decking the halls or a sea lion ring toss tunrs tinsel green with toe tapping tunes.christmas-pirates1

“As the first mate here in Buccaneer Bay I am here to bring as much holiday cheer as possible to anyone that steps into our doors,” Cratchit said.

A big part of the show involves the nativity story. It’s a venture into the religious side of Christmas that this crew is happy to share.

“Oh it’s fantastic it really is,” Cratchit said. “Me and the other pirates consider it a great honor and are so proud.”

christmas-pirates2Those looks of joy in the audience are success for these swashbuckling sword fighters. It’s a night still full of pirate flips and tricks but one this first mate blends with a little holiday cheer this Christmas season.

“It’s a treat for me even not being in the audience to be able to see all these amazing things that everyone gets to as well,” Cratchit said.

Click here for more information on Bob Cratchit, Captain Scrooge and the rest of Christmas at Pirates Voyage. The special holiday shows run through the end of the year.