Local bar raises money for community members every week

MURRELL’S INLET, SC (WBTW) – A $5, all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet may sound like the best deal around town, but the Sunday breakfast special at The Beaver Bar is truly priceless.

“It was just a little idea that kind of came, and it’s worked so far”, says bar owner Leslye Beaver. Every Sunday, she holds a $5-dollar breakfast at her bar in Murrell’s Inlet, and then donates all the proceeds to community members in need. She’s done this for the last 10 years. “I came up one day and said what can I do that everybody needs, that they can pay for, and I came up with breakfast,” she says. “My nanny said you give it and forget it and that’s what we’ve always done.”

This Sunday, hundreds of breakfast goers raised money for Robbie Moorer, who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. He has been receiving treatment in Maryland, where his family lives. With all the travelling and doctor visits, he and his wife have been drowning in bills, but say they now feel they can finally come up for air. “With him not being able to work, we don’t know how long they’ll still keep paying him so it’s nice to know that we still have some security,” says wife, Michelle Moorer.

And though the Moorers are grateful to Leslye, she says she’s not the one to thank. “It’s about the community coming together. We have locals, we have bikers, we have club members, we have church goers. And the camaraderie of everyone together is what’s so amazing. We just simply provide the food.”