More officers, safety vehicles on Myrtle Beach shores discussed in meeting

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – City officials and first responders met to discuss a plan to keep beaches safe on Tuesday.

Myrtle Beach Police and Fire Departments have been working on a beach safety plan in response to the drownings of five children this summer. Myrtle Beach Police Lt. Joey Crosby presented that proposal to the city Beach Advisory Committee, along with City Manager John Pederson. One of the main components of the proposal is posting more officers on the beach, as well as more safety vehicles.

“The critical aspect of this is to get the funding for the personnel and the equipment needed to one, provide the coverage and two, do the initiatives we are proposing. We need the equipment and the manpower to make this initiative happen,” says Lt. Crosby. Safety officials are also proposing a wristband program to better keep track of children on the beach, as well as educational initiatives to inform the public on the rip currents. “What we’re going to do is one educate the parents through the various programs we have here in the city but also educate the youth participating in those swim programs as well,” says Lt. Crosby.

The Beach Advisory Committee did approve the proposal. Lt. Crobsy will present it to Myrtle Beach City Council next week.