Solicitor’s Office looks to link heroin addicts up with treatment

(AP Photo/Toby Talbot)

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Horry County’s top prosecutor says we can’t arrest our way out of the heroin problem and now he’s talking about other solutions.

His office recently set up a web page to offer help to people battling addiction. It’s called Heroin Coalition and is specifically for people who may be looking for help.

The turn towards providing information comes as medical professionals treat addiction a medical condition.

“Addiction is a disease and primarily it’s a health problem,” said Kristan Beglin, from the Center of Hope, one of the treatment centers listed on the site.

Belgin said it’s a good thing for treatment options to be openly promoted, “I think it’s important that they let the patients know that they care.”

Richardson says 80% of people in drug court first used opiates from a medicine cabinet, often at a young age.

“You’re seeing it in some of the middle schools… 12, 13,” said Richardson.

So the site also lists information about secure pill drop off locations as a way to prevent pills from getting in the wrong hands.

The solicitor’s office is also providing resources for Horry County Schools to educate students about drugs, because battling the heroin problem is going to take more than one approach.