Two Myrtle Beach businesses shut down by the city after shootings

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW)- The City of Myrtle Beach revoked the business license of two clubs in the area known as the Superblock in downtown Myrtle Beach.
Those two businesses are Pure Ultra Night Club and Natalia’s Bar and Grill.

Ronald Ronda is the manager of Pure Ultra Club, and the club has been closed for a month now after five people were shot there.

“They’re revoking our license now. I think it’s unfair,” said Ronda.

In a letter to revoke the business license, the City of Myrtle Beach says they found almost all of the people involved in that shooting were associated with a gang.

The letter says the shooter was a member of the gang known as the bloods and another involved was a member of a gang called folk nation.

“From what I understand, it’s gang related, it has nothing to do with the club. There’s not a problem at the club, there was not even a fight. We have that party for more than a year and never have a problem. So, that day that guy came with a gun inside and started shooting someone that he wanted to shoot,” said Ronda.

The city also says in their investigation, they found Pure Ultra Club had unlawful adult entertainment, illegal gambling activity, and repeated acts of unlawful sale or possession of controlled substances.

Lt. Joey Crosby with Myrtle Beach Police says this is the city’s effort to try to keep people safe.

“It is not the city’s goal or the police department’s goal to close any establishment. Our goal is to work with that organization to make sure that their patrons are safe and that the business is doing everything that they possibly can to make sure that their patrons are safe while they’re inside their establishment,” said Crosby.

Just around the corner in the Superblock, the city revoked the business license of Natalia’s Bar and Grill, where they say the club failed to have proper security and failed to report a shooting that happened inside the club on July 21st.

Ronda says he’s talked to the business owner there, and they both have plans to fight back because they feel like they’re being targeted by the city.

City spokesperson Mark Kruea says the two businesses will have the opportunity to appeal the city’s decision to close them down on Tuesday.