Smithsonian experts demonstrate how to preserve items damaged by hurricane

MULLINS, SC (WBTW) – Preservation experts came to Mullins today to teach Hurricane Matthew victims how to preserve damaged items.

Experts from the Smithsonian demonstrated methods to preserve damaged photos, artwork, quilts and other heirlooms.

For example, photographs can be rinsed gently in clean water and air dried on a plastic screen or paper towel.

“Post disaster it can be very overwhelming in general just with all of your possessions but your family heirlooms of course mean so much more to you. We’re happy just to have you start thinking about those heirlooms and putting together a plan and then once you have a plan then we can start walking you through what you can do with those heirlooms,” Training Coordinator Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Stacy Bowe said.

Experts say other items can be air-dried inside using fans, open windows, air conditioners or dehumidifiers.