North Myrtle Beach city leaders look at plans for development of the Dye Club Estates

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – North Myrtle Beach city leaders met Wednesday to hear plans for new development in the Dye Club area.

Originally, developers were approved to build 37 detached cottage units, but now, they’d like to change that to 51 townhome units.

City council tabled a first reading on an ordinance that would allow those changes to pass, asking for more time and more details from the developer.

City Spokesperson Pat Dowling says the units are planned to go along Grey Heron Drive, and the original plan for cottages goes back to the 1990’s.

“I’m sure from the developer’s perspective, that change is required because that’s what the market wants. People are less interested in buying stand-alone homes with their own separate lot parcels and the trend is towards for some people toward the townhome concept,” said Dowling.

Still, they have to make sure it goes along with what people who already live there want in their neighborhood.

“This road happens to be sort of the main thoroughfare through which they drive and exit every day in order to get to their own properties. So, they want to make sure that they don’t sort of drive into the  townhome lined road,” said Dowling.

Wednesday, the developers said they’ve been working with people who live in the area to come up with a plan that they would agree with. Still, people who live there like Deborah Donnelly Cameron are against the idea.

“We live in the Dye townhomes of which 51 townhome units are to be built, of which, two buildings of four buildings each totaling eight have already been built and have been there for years,” said Cameron.

Dowling says the developers will now have to take their plans to the HOA for the Dye Club and the city’s planning commission.

After it’s approved by planning commission, the development changes will go back to council for a vote.