Concerns with ‘huge delay’ of federal aid for 2015 flood victims

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – It’s been months since Hurricane Matthew hit the Carolinas and over a year since the “1,000 year flood” in October 2015.

Horry County Emergency Management Director, Randy Webster, said a lot of people are still waiting on money.

“It’s interesting with hurricane Joaquin, there’s just now from the state through the Governor’s office, a program starting to take care of funds available for those folks from that event last year,” said Webster at the last Horry County Public Safety meeting. “There’s some concerns with that huge delay going on there.”

Webster said he hopes if Horry County gets funds for Hurricane Matthew, there will be a different outcome.

“We’ve got concerns not only here, but my counterparts across the state,” he said. “That needs to be done a different way next year.”

In August, the state denied Horry County’s request to have control over millions of dollars in federal aid.

“But maybe that’ll be different this year and folks won’t have to wait a whole year for that program to get up and running,” added Webster.

News 13 spoke with a representative from the South Carolina Disaster Recovery Office in Columbia to ask if there was any update for 2016 storm victims.

A representative said they still have contractors looking at homes damaged in 2015 and i’s too early to know about federal aid for 2016 storm victims.