Florence County Progress: More jobs in Florence to come in 2017

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Seventeen companies expanded in Florence In 2016 and nearly 900 jobs were created.

Florence County Progress is the arm of economic development and its sole purpose is to welcome companies to the city of Florence.

“We have a good time doing this. We meet lots of people from lots of different areas and we are all ambassadors,” said chairman of Florence County Progress Jill Lewis.

Lewis says more than $100 million were invested in firms in 2016 in Florence.

“The more people we get here the bigger stores come in, and we get more things that these other bigger areas have,” added Lewis.

Honda of South Carolina expects to bring in nearly 300 jobs and a $45 million expansion to its facility.

Patheon (Roche) on the other hand, will bring in 200 plus jobs and McCall Farms will bring an investment of $23 million that will create 150 by the year 2020.

Lewis says the growth will expand in Florence even more next year.

“For 2016 it was 17 and we know that there are already three announcements for 2017,” Lewis said.

The chairman says the investments means things are moving in the right direction.

“That really is the only way Florence County can go, I mean it has to move forward it can’t be stagnant,” Lewis added.

Lewis says when the local and regional economy is enhanced, it’s better for everyone.

“From all of the buildings downtown, from everything that is getting done right now which we have talked about for years and now you can visually see it happen,” explained Lewis.

The chairman of Florence County Progress says the same growth seen this year is expected to be the same next year.

The Florence County Progress goal is to maintain a quality climate for business and industry that come to Florence.