Emergency crews in Florence cope with flood-damaged roads

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Flooding from Hurricane Matthew left many roads in disrepair.

Several roads in Florence were washed out or affected by the flood.

Captain Anthony Fox with the West Florence Fire Departments says firefighters are using every resource they can to meet every need where roads are closed.

Fox says fire departments in Florence are using a mapping system called “Active 911”.

“During Hurricane Matthew we had multiple calls going on simultaneously and what we were able to do is use this app to direct our resources so they can respond in the most efficient matter,” said Captain Fox.

The app delivers alarms, maps, and other critical information like road closures to firefighters.

“The amount we pay on an annual basis is negligible to the service it provides,” Fox added.

According to the South Carolina Department of Transportation four roads in Florence remain closed.

Stagecoach Road is expected to open Tuesday morning but three other roads in Florence could take up to a year or more to open.

Old Georgetown Road and National Cemetery Road are going through the design phases and will open in November of next year.

DOT officials say they can’t fix Pelican Drive until the dam underneath it is restored.

Captain Fox says the West Florence Fire Department is looking for volunteers. You can contact the West Florence Fire Department at (843)-665-8857