Lumberton churches need food and clothes donations to help Hurricane Matthew victims

LUMBERTON, NC (WBTW) – After Hurricane Matthew destroyed homes, schools and churches in Lumberton two months ago, one church in Lumberton hopes to continue to serve the West Lumberton community as they rebuild.

The West Lumberton Baptist Church has been a staple in the community for over 100 years but flooding from Hurricane Matthew damaged the church significantly.

Of the four church buildings, two buildings had to be torn down. The two remaining buildings have more than one million dollars in damages.

The goal of the church is to provide hope as they prepare for years of rebuilding in West Lumberton.

The church serves 160 members each Sunday and more than half of the congregation is from the area.

Pastor Rick Foreman, Pastor of West Lumberton Baptist Church says, “They want to see the community rebuilt. We want to see it. But some of that begins with the church and if it looks like the church is not going to make it. The community is not so sure they are going to make it.”

For Christmas service, the church members will attend East Lumberton Baptist Church.

West Lumberton Baptist church is scheduled to stop giving Hurricane Matthew victims clothes, food and cleaning supplies Thursday.

Although the West Lumberton Church was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew the members gather each week to distribute food and clothes items for hundreds of families that lost everything to Hurricane Matthew flooding.

The donated items used to arrive by truck loads but this week is the last scheduled truck.

Pastor Foreman says they will restart distributing items if they receive donations.

“They will need help for a long time and if i can give them just a can of soup that’s one thing less they have to buy while they are trying to rebuild their homes and rebuild their lives,” explains Pastor Foreman.

The Hurricane Matthew victims need items like food and clothes. For more information on how you can donate contact the Robeson Baptist Association at 2110 E 7th Street Lumberton, NC 28358 or call at 910-738-8186.