300+ vehicle break-ins reported in Florence neighborhoods since July

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – As the holidays approach, thieves are targeting parts of Florence stealing any and everything valuable inside cars.

Since July the Florence Police Departments responded to nearly 300 vehicle thefts.

Lt. Mike Brandt says the most recent break-ins are happening in neighborhoods along Third Loop Road in Florence.

Kay Halliburton lives along Third Loop Road in Florence. Halliburton says a vehicle break-in happened recently next door.

“We have a neighbor who had a couple break-ins from their vehicles where they left them unlocked and cash was taken out,” mentioned Halliburton.

Lt. Mike Brandt with the Florence Police Departments says they get about 45 reports of motor vehicle break-ins each month.

But now police are seeing that number gradually increase.

“We had several cases from the Third Loop Road reported Monday,” said Lt. Brandt.

Residents like Halliburton says she has heard other stories of car burglaries in recent months

“It makes you more secure as far as keeping your doors locked, keeping an eye on the neighborhood a little bit and seeing if there is any strangers roaming around and that kind of thing,” said Halliburton.

Police say out of the 46 cases reported this month the most recent reports come from neighborhoods along Third Loop road.

Lt. Brandt says reports of car break-ins start from Winterbrook Drive to Encino Drive. Brandt says there were also reports of car break-ins from Encino Drive to Deerfield Run Apartments, then from there to homes along Deerfield Drive.

In many of these cases, cars were left unlocked with valuables inside like money, gifts and even guns inside.

“There were six firearms that were taken from vehicles so that is another reason why we urge people to lock their doors and remove items from their cars,” Lt. Brandt explained.

Neighbors who have heard about the recent break-ins say they are now keeping a much closer eye on their property.

“You know it’s not like it used to be in the old days, you take more precautions,” said Halliburton.

Police will continue to patrol neighborhoods along Third Loop Road. Lt. Mike Brandt says people should always remove valuable items from your cars because it can be tempting for a thief to break in.

Lt. Brandt says if you notice any suspicious activity in a neighborhood or a shopping center to contact law enforcement.