NBA star Sessions gives toys to local kids

Charlotte Hornets guard Ramon Sessions hands out candy and toys to kids in Myrtle Beach's Racepath community during his annual toy drive.

MYRTLE BEACH – Christmas came a few days early for some kids in Myrtle Beach’s Racepath community Wednesday.

NBA star Ramon Sessions returned to his hometown to hand out toys and candy to kids in his home town. Sessions grew up in Racepath and now plays for the Charlotte Hornets. But he never misses a chance to give back.

“I was fortunate enough to come from the community and make it to the NBA, which is a lot of dreams for a lot of people in this community,” the 10-year NBA veteran said. “So I just let them know that if I can do it, they can do it. I grew up just like them on these same streets, running around in these same neighborhoods, and just to come back and be hands on with them – let them know that I’m touchable, I’m here for them.”

Sessions started the event three years ago, but Wednesday was the first time his schedule allowed him to attend. He also hosts a turkey giveaway each November and a basketball camp each summer.