Johnsonville Church hosts Second Annual Holiday for Hope Effort

JOHNSONVILLE, SC (WBTW) – The Crossover Church in Johnsonville held their Second Annual Holiday for Hope Effort. Last year the church welcomed families in to pick up gifts for their children.

The Church tried something different this year they want to let families and children know that there is hope here in Johnsonville.

Pastor T.C. Holmes held Church service one day early to spread a message of faith and love.

T.C. Holmes, Pastor of Crossover Church in Johnsonville Said, “We decided to give the people more than just an in and out deal. We want them to get the experience or something more meaningful that says ‘Hey you do matter.’”

Many families in Johnsonville were impacted by the October flood last year then again this year with Hurricane Matthew. Pastor Holmes says the best gift this congregation hopes to give is the gift of Christ.

“It’s not just a charitable thing. I want them to look at it as an investment into their life, “Pastor Holmes said.

After the Christmas service more than 30 families received bags of toys.

Clemtine Bardon says she has not been able to get out and go shopping for her two children because she’s been sick.

Bardon said, “I feel better know, maybe this will be a blessing for my kids.”

Christmas morning 95 children will wake up with toys.

Pastor Holmes said, “To know someone walks away from you with a smile when they came to you with a frown. It’s a sense not of accomplishment but of fulfillment.”

Each year the Crossover church hopes to serve many more families and continue to grow.