New Marlboro County Sheriff plans to curb juvenile crime rate

MARLBORO COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – Over the next year, Marlboro County Sheriff Charles Lemon says he plans to help curb violent crime committed by young people.

Sheriff Lemon says he will work with up to 50 churches across Marlboro County and surrounding areas to help children stay in school, further their education and avoid issues that can lead to crime.

“Our youth today is getting on drugs at a very very early age, not only in Marlboro County but across the Pee Dee,” said Lemon.

Sheriff Lemon served as Chief Deputy of the Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office for 12 years.

Lemon says when children have activities to do, they are less likely to get involved in crime.

“When I go to those churches and get with the youth directors and the youth, they can tell me better what is up and what is down and what they feel can help me with the program to help the youth from getting drugs and getting on drugs,” mentioned Lemon.

With over thirty years of experience with law enforcement Sheriff Lemon says his biggest goal as new sheriff is to help combat crime among youth by partnering with churches and local pastors.

“I don’t know of a church that is in Marlboro County that you can go in on Sundays and you don’t have at least…at least 10 to 20 kids,” he added.

The new sheriff says what he learned in previous years have become guiding principles in an effort to stop violence in his hometown.

“From thirty years to nine months as opposed to what I see today, I can tell you that certainly if you put a dent in your drugs and certainly if you can get youth on board it’s going to cut the root of the devil out,” explained Sheriff Lemon.

Sheriff Lemon will take office next month. He says he also plans to create a program for the elderly and will work to increase deputies’ pay.

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