SC woman accused of assaulting man with bleach, hammer

UNION, S.C.  — Police say a woman poured bleach on a man before attacking him with a hammer while children were present.

Sherry Benjamine, 34, of Union has been charged with first-degree domestic violence.

Bleach got in the victim’s face and eyes and he was hit in the chest with a hammer while in the presence of two children, according to an arrest warrant.

Friday morning, Union police responded to a domestic call at a home on Harold Street.

A man said he and Benjamine had been arguing for hours and he was trying to call a friend to pick him up, according to an incident report. The victim told police that Benjamine snatched the phone out of his hand before pouring bleach on him and hitting him in the chest with a hammer. The officer noted a small bruise on the victim’s chest

Benjamine told police that the man is the father of one of her children and that children were present during the altercation, the report states. She claimed the bottle of bleach burst when they were fighting over it.