Darlington County Sheriff Tony Chavis sworn in

DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – The Darlington County Sheriff Tony Chavis was sworn in by Senator Gerald Malloy of South Carolina District 29.

Chavis won the election against incumbent Wanye Byrd last June. Hundreds of people showed up to support the new Sheriff Sunday afternoon.

Chavis hopes to strengthen the relationship with community and law enforcement.

Tony Chavis, Darlington County Sheriff said, “I want the people of Darlington County to have more confidence in the performance and abilities of the Darlington County Sheriff’s office. I want to establish that trust and faith again.”

“Community support is everything in law enforcement today. We need our communities input. So we know where crime is being committed to assist us in building relationships with our community. So everyone knows that the Sheriffs Office and law enforcement in general is a friend not an enemy,” Chavis adds.

Chavis says in his first one hundred days in as Sherriff he plans to develop a citizens advisory council that will work with the Sheriff’s office to target problem areas in the county.

Chavis said, “Citizens came together in the primary on June 14th. When they chose me over the incumbent because they are ready to come together and bridge that gap. And I am too 24/7 365 days a year.”