Robeson County Sheriff’s Office investigates Pembroke homicide

LUMBERTON, NC (WBTW) – The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the shooting death of Rusty Lowery, 29, of Pembroke as a homicide.

Major Anthony Thompson with the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office says investigators were called to Desperlee Drive in Pembroke at 8:59 a.m. Friday morning. On arrival,  first responders found the victim laying in the driveway unconscious with a gunshot wound to the chest. EMS transported Lowery to Southeastern Health and he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Major Anthony Thompson says the suspect was at home when Lowery came to his home. Lowery pulled a gun on the suspect about thirty minutes earlier at a store in Pembroke and threatened to come to his house and beat him in front of his family, investigators say. According to Thompson, the suspect told Lowery to leave him alone before he shot him.

Police have identified the suspect, but no charges have been filed in the case.