Long journey home after lost Aynor dog found in Tennessee

Cooper's Adventures!

AYNOR, SC – How’s this for a story that started sad, but has a great, happy ending for a dog from Aynor. Cooper ran off on New Year’s Eve after hearing fireworks. He’s now back with his owner, Rebekah Hughes. She said when Cooper fled she went on Facebook and posted about Cooper being lost. Turns out a young woman in the area found Cooper near a gas station. She was on her way to Tennessee, so she took Cooper with her to protect him. That Good Samaritan left her number with an officer from the Aynor Police Department.

Eventually, through Facebook.and the help of Aynor Police, Hughes was able to find the young lady. “So we gave her a ringy-ding and we ended up with him back, our neighbor a truck driver and so happened to be in Tennessee and 26 hours later cooper was back at our front door,” said Hughes. Cooper didn’t have a collar on so that’s what made it tough for everyone to find his owner.

Hughes says she is thankful for everyone who helped, and the help social media provided in getting Cooper back home. “The one person I really want to thank is the person that posted there was a chocolate lab missing on that lost pets of Horry/Georgetown Facebook page. Because that’s the person that started the connect the dots so I want to thank them. I don’t know who it was, but that’s how we ended up knowing he had gone there and at that point we went from there.”

It’s a happy ending to this dog’s adventures, which could’ve turned out very differently if it wasn’t for the kind heart of a traveler who had a love for dogs, and other Good Samaritans along the way.