Staff shortage prompts Darlington Sheriff’s Office to recruit

DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – When Darlington County Sheriff Tony Chavis took office he knew the reduction in force was evident.

Sheriff Chavis says 73 uniformed deputies serve at the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office.

But the number of other personnel in the office since his election is down to 25.

“More than 20 personnel, some went over to other agencies and some have retired and moved on,” said Sheriff Chavis.

The number does not  include any other resignations that might come in.

The Darlington Sheriff Department already made some new hires, but they still have 15 openings for deputies.

Despite that, the sheriff says deputies will still be able to handle day-to-day calls.

“Did I expect 20 to 25 people to be departed, no but it just gives us the opportunity to hire good men and willing who are willing to serve,” explained Chavis.

The new sheriff says resignations and retiring often happens to agencies across the state.

“They’ve had departures, sheriff have terminations and so you have a reduction in force and we just build it back up,” said Sheriff Chavis.

Chavis says he plans to rebuild the sheriff’s office and move forward one badge at a time.

“We will take the calls as they come, priority calls is a must, you must answer those priority calls and then answer them in the order that you receive them,” said Chavis.

While establishing trust and faith in the people of Darlington County.

“We got our men and women i have already talked to them all i expect them to do their jobs and when they sign on for duty i expect them to give the citizens one hundred percent everyday,” said Darlington County Sheriff Tony Chavis.